Dry Wonder

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Dry Wonder

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - Antibacterial

Available in 130g shaker or 500g packet

Cleans > Revitalises > Disinfects > Static Free > Safe on all Fabrics > Waterless > Dirt Repellent > Safe on mattresses

Dry Wonder can be used on all carpet and upholstery fabrics, including synthetics, wool, persian and silk weaves.

No Soap. No Shampoo. No Water. No Steam - this means your carpets or upholstery won't shrink or discolour.  They will retain their original lustre and the carpet underfelt won't be loosened.  What's more, you can walk across your carpets while Dry Wonder miraculously cleans and disinfects. DryWonder protects against resoiling.

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