OxyBAC FOAM Hand Wash

Product Code : OXY1L

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Antibacterial rich-cream foam hand wash

with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

Perfume-free and preservative-free foam hand wash

Contains Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide a patented synergistic blend of commonly used ingredients that when combined with a low level of hydrogen peroxide (H202) is extremely effective at killing bacteria.

Does not induce antibacterial resistance and hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water with no environmental contamination.

Specifically formulated for use in food handling environments where high levels of hand hygiene are required; independently tested to prove non-tainting to food.

Hypoallergenic formula is safer for skin and safer for the environment compared with all other antibacterial soaps.


Where to use:  Any food manufacturing & processing, food service & catering environemtn where food is being handled

For use with dispenser:  OXY1LDS

Also available in 1.2 Litre for Touch Free Ultra Dispenser


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